Affordable Housing Program

Habitat for Humanity is an affordable housing program that empowers families to build a new life for themselves through the stability and security of owning their own home. Habitat homes are not given away, but are sold to families who qualify, are willing to put in hundreds of hours of labor (sweat equity) and are able to make a monthly loan payment. Habitat homes are affordable because Habitat does not make a profit; homes are sold with a no-interest (0%) loan and are mostly built by volunteers.

Together we build...


A home is a strong foundation for a family to build a better life.


A home gives families stability through long-term housing.


Habitat for Humanity provides a way for families to help themselves.

How are Habitat residents chosen?

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Have lived in Southeast Idaho for a minimum of one year.
• Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or have a documented right to work.

Then *families are scored based on the following:
• need for adequate shelter
• willingness to become partners in the program
• ability to pay a no-interest loan  

Partnering with Habitat

Building a Habitat home is a team effort!

Selected families partner with Habitat for Humanity as they contribute 300 hours of sweat equity, building their own homes and helping build the homes of other partner families.

They support Habitat as they volunteer at the local ReStore and help with events, fundraisers, and with other opportunities that arise.

Program Requirements


•Have been a resident of East Idaho for a minimum of one year.
• Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or have the documented right to work in the United States.   

Need for Adequate Shelter

• There are extensive electrical, plumbing or heating issues in your current home.
• There is lead-based paint or asbestos found in your current home.
• There are too many people for the available space.
• You are in temporary housing or shelter.
• There is mold or other health issues present in the home.

Willingness to Partner

You will be expected to complete 300 hours of sweat equity during the building of your home. (Special arrangements are available for those with physical limitations or disability.)
• Our program is not a quick housing solution. It can take a minimum of 12 months, typically longer, from the time of application before a family can move into their Habitat home. Construction of the home is complex and can have multiple delays based on supplies and contractors.

Ability to Pay

• Your household income will need to fall within the current income limits and meet the debt-to-income ratio requirements.
• You will need to show the ability to make monthly payments on a no-interest, no-profit loan.

Mandatory Orientation Meeting

• Attend an orientation meeting to apply.
• Preregister to attend an orientation meeting.
• Click the link to register. RSVP required.

Collaborative Meeting


Can we rent out rooms?

No. Rental of any rooms or space is not permitted and is considered a violation of the Resident Agreement. Habitat homes are owner-occupied only.

What is the pet policy?

Each home shall be entitled to a maximum of three (3) pets so long as such pets are not kept for any commercial purposes, do not cause an unreasonable amount of noise or odor, or do not otherwise become a nuisance to other owners. Any pets that are not cats or dogs will need to be registered and approved by Habitat for Humanity Idaho Falls Area.

Is there extra storage outside the home?

Yes, the types and sizes provided vary based on the home size and if there is a basement with the home.

What happens if our income increases outside the 80% limit while the home is being built or after we buy it? Will we be kicked out?

Income verification for program eligibility is only considered at the time of application. The mortgage and monthly payments will be based on your income at the time of the home completion. However, an adverse change in the household income below the 25% minimum before closing on the home could disqualify participants in the program.

We hope having a stable, affordable home will free up time and energy to pursue additional educational opportunities, training, or job promotions/changes.

Can non-married applicants apply?

Yes, all income sources will be considered for qualification.

Can siblings or unrelated individuals apply?

Yes, all income sources will be considered for qualification.

What happens if we want to sell one day?

Per contract Habitat shall have the right to exercise its rights of first purchase.

What if my kids are younger than 16? How can they help toward earning sweat equity?

Children under 16 may contribute hours towards the sweat equity total. These children can help with meal prep for the building site or help on the site on days without heavy equipment or power tools. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 18.

Do I have to earn all of the sweat equity hours myself?

No. Two applicant households can have 75 hours (25%) of the required 300 hours completed by friends and family. Single-applicant households can have 150 (50%) of the required 300 hours completed by friends and family.

Do I have to have children to qualify for a Habitat home?

No. Habitat for Humanity follows the Fair Housing Act and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, disability, age, or family status. Our program is open to all household types.

Are there restrictions to owning a Habitat home?

Yes. Like all other affordable housing programs, Habitat for Humanity Idaho Falls Area requires that its homes are owner-occupied. You cannot use the home for business purposes, move out and leave it empty, rent it out, or move out and let someone else live there instead. After the resident has paid off the mortgage, these restrictions are removed.

What happens if I can't work due to illness or injury, or have my work hours reduced and can't pay my loan?

Our staff works directly with residents if they cannot pay their loan due to temporary or permanent changes to their income. Habitat will meet with the residents to better understand the circumstances or situation and put a plan in place to get monthly payments current. We work with all our residents with the commitment, follow-through, and resources to help them keep their homes.

How does Habitat determine the home size for each resid?

Habitat for Humanity Idaho Falls Area follows Habitat for Humanity International square footage guidelines. The family size will determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Can I have a garage or carport added to my Habitat home?

You can get approval from Habitat to build your garage or carport. Habitat does not build garages or carports.

How does Habitat decide where to build? Can I ask for a specific location?

Habitat for Humanity Idaho Falls Area acquires land through purchases or donations. Applicants who want to be part of the program need to be willing to live where we are currently building.

Recent Habitat Residents

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected] or call the office at (208) 528-0298.

*We follow a policy of nondiscrimination for resident selection. Neither race nor religion is a factor in the Resident Selection Committee’s choosing of potential residents. Meeting all application requirements does not guarantee family selection.