Homeowner Application and Selection Info

There are a Few Requirements to Be Considered to Own a Habitat Home:

FY 2015 Gross Annual Family Income* Guidelines:

Bonneville/Jefferson Counties
Number of People in Your Family 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Family Minimum Income $10,575 $12,075 $13,575 $15,075 $16,300 $17,500 $18,700 $19,900
Family Maximum Income $25,380 $28,980 $32,580 $36,180 $39,120 $42,000 $44,880 $47,760
Fremont/Madison Counties
Number of People in Your Family 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Family Minimum Income $9,275 $10,600 $11,925 $13,250 $14,325 $15,375 $16,450 $17,500
Family Maximum Income $22,260 $25,440 $28,620 $31,800 $34,380 $36,900 $39,480 $42,000

*Income includes wages, salaries, tips, income from operation of a business or rental, interest, dividends, retirement and insurance income, disability income, unemployment, welfare assistance, alimony, child support, gifts, Armed Forces income

Other Requirements:

  • Idaho Falls and Surrounding Area Resident of at Least One Year
  • Ability to Show Proof of Steady, Continuous Income for One Year
  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Ready to Work with Habitat (Sweat Equity, Check the FAQs Page For More Info)
  • Ready to Make On-Time, Monthly, Interest-Free Mortgage Payments
  • Ready to Keep Your Home Clean and in Good Repair (Inside and Outside)
  • Ready to be a Good Neighbor and Abide by any Homeowner Guidelines
  • Willing to Attend Homeowner Education Classes (Check the Calendar on the Home Page or News & Events Section)

  • What is the Selection Criteria:

  • Ability to Repay
  • Income guidelines change annually. 2015 Guidelines are in the table at the top of this page, with some examples of income sources. The selection committee will need your permission to verify income, checking and savings account information. You will be asked to provide landlord reference information. The Selection Committee will also run a credit report and do a background check.

  • Participation in Partnering
  • Families need to understand the Habitat® partnering process and be willing to participate. The partner family is required to complete 100 hours of volunteer work for Habitat® Idaho Falls Area before ground is broken on the family's home. Additional "sweat equity" hours are required — 250 hours for a single parent family and 500 hours for a two parent family. 50 of those hours must be work done at the construction site. Accommodation is made for partners with disabilities or physician verified physical limitations.

  • Living Conditions
  • Members of the Selection Committee visit applicant homes in an effort to understand the family's present living condition and need for assistance.